As a young Mets fan, I’m tired. I’m already looking at 2011. Were losing, the pitching is terrible, no one knows how to hit anymore and overall… I’m crushed.

But let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about how to rebuild this Mets team. Here is how I would start to rebuild the New York Mets.


1. The Farm System

Looking at the Farm system, we are probably in the middle of the pack now that we brought up Ike Davis and Jon Niese. Right now, we have a average farm system full of B+ to C+ plus talent according to some sites.

The main goal is to continue building, let’s keep building the pitching and continue to draft well.


2. Mets Free Agents

Other then John Maine, I don’t see anyone to keep and to be honest, why even bring back the same losing nucleus?

Let’s move on.


3. GM and Manager

I feel bad but, it’s time to fire Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel.

For GM replacements, I would like someone who could build the farm system and make good MLB moves.

My top three are A.J. Preller of the Rangers, David Forst of the Athletics or Ben Cherington of the Red Sox. All three have some input on their respected teams farm system.

For the Manager position. I want Ozzie Guillen. I want a fiery, passionate manager who is not afraid to get in anyone’s face. Manuel and Willie Randolph were too player friendly. I want someone to get into someone when they make a bad play or bench them when they need to.


4. Free Agency

Here’s the players I would sign in the 2011 Free Agent class.

Starting Pitchers

1. Brandon Webb

2. Jon Garland

3. Javier Vasquez

4. Ben Sheets

Why these guys?

The Mets need a couple arms until the farm is ready to produce another arm. At this point, Oliver Perez should be in the bullpen.  The Mets have Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Niese with R.A Dickey and John Maine being ex-factors.

I listed Webb because if he’s healthy and he’s worth a low price, I would take a flyer on him. Ben Sheets is another guy who, if healthy, I would look for at a low price. I would LOVE Javi Vasquez because last time he was in the NL, he was a Cy Young candidate. The question would be the price and the years.


1. Matt ThorntonMe

2. Jon Rauch

3. Jesse Crain

4. Chad Durbin

5. Rafeal Soriano

6. Kerry Wood

Why These Guys?

The Mets have a average pitching staff as stated above. With Frankie Rodriguez pretty much looking on the way out, the Mets might need a new closer as well.

Rauch is the player I want the most because he’s been solid in Minnesota and also showed he’s solid in the setup spot too. Kerry Wood and Soriano are listed low because the Mets might look to save money and if these players are even 0.01$ out the range, I don’t see them going for them.

Durbin, Thornton and Crain are three relievers who could come in and help the Mets’ bullpen. All three are going from the AL to the NL so it should only help them.

Catcher and Infield

1. Victor Martinez (C)

2. Jorge Cantu (1B/3B)

3. Jose Lopez (2B)

4. Cristian Guzman (SS)

5. Chad Tracy (1B)

Why These Guys?

The Mets have nice players in place here. Ike Davis, Jose Reyes and David Wright are solid. Luis Castillo? End him. Get him out of there. I want Jorge Cantu. I saw him play a ton when he was a Marlin, he’s very solid. Can he play 2B? Questionable. If he can’t, I would love to add Cristian Guzman as well. He played some 2B and SS in Washington and he’s a solid fielder who can also get some hits.

For Catcher, there isn’t too many Catchers who they could get. Josh Thole has had a good season but I believe he’s better as a backup. Victor Martinez is the only Catcher I would want.


1. Jonny Gomes

2. David DeJesus

3. Willy Tarvaras

4. Brad Hawpe

5. Eric Hinskie

6. Magglio Ordonez


Why These Players?

While the Mets look good in the infield, they have tons of question marks in the outfield. Jeff Francoeur will almost be a lock to be OUT the door. Carlos Beltran will be a free agent the following season and I would believe NY would want to keep him so when he had a good 1st half, they can move him.

The two I would want is Hawpe and Gomes. Both are solid hitters and can produce in either a bench role or even starting role. Pagan is great but I would love him in a Brett Gardner role. The Mets also have a young prospect named Fernando Martinez who could be brought up next season.


What do you think Mets fans?


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