We could talk about Major League Baseball’s most dominant starting rotations going into 2016, but that’s too easy. Instead, let’s gaze waaaaaaaaaay into the future.

As in, all the way to the year 2020.

A wise green man once said that always in motion is the future, so we’re not going to pretend to know how all 30 MLB rotations will line up over the next five seasons. Short of a detailed map of space time or a time-traveling DeLorean, nothing can help us solve such a complex equation.

What we can do, though, is use our imaginations with a few teams in particular.

We rounded up a list 10 clubs that should have dominant starting rotations come 2020, based on the established pitchers they have locked up, the prospects they have waiting in the wings and/or any future spending flexibility that could help them afford any additional impact talent.

As far as how we determined our rankings, let’s just say that we’ll be working toward the team whose theoretical 2020 rotation is both easy to imagine and easy on the imagination’s eyes.

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