You never know what kind of weirdness will happen in the first month of the Major League Baseball season. Up can turn into down. Left can become right. Dogs move in with cats, and vice versa.

And more often than not, players who were supposed to be really good end up being really bad. For some, it turns out to be nothing but a slump. For others…well, they’re not so lucky.

Which brings us to today’s discussion. There’s no shortage of ice-cold starts to talk about, but we’re going to focus on the 10 most shocking cold starts and play a game of Slump or Bust. That is to say, we’re going to ask if these cold starts are small-sample-size flukes (slumps) or doomed to last all season long (busts).

We’ll go in order of least shocking to most shocking. Step into the box whenever you’re ready.

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