Labor peace has returned to baseball, ending the veiled threats of lockouts and boycotts of the winter meetings, which are set to begin next week. That’s good news.

It’s even better news—and a stone-cold fact—that sanity has returned to MLB‘s All-Star Game, which will no longer have any World Series implications associated with it. That alone makes the new collective bargaining agreement a rousing success.

As Bleacher Report’s Jacob Shafer wrote Wednesday, the offseason should really start to get interesting now. 

Has the return of a team’s adopted prodigal son forced one of his teammates out the door? Will a fringe contender look to unload an All-Star talent? Is the face of one of baseball’s oldest franchises about to change for the first time in nearly a decade?

We’ll hit on all that and more in this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction.

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