If you forgot that the Pittsburgh Pirates were a Major League team, I don’t blame you.

Being a Pirates fan is possibly the most difficult job in sports. The only thing I would consider worse would be being a fan of the Seattle Supersonics or the Montreal Expos or some other team that left right in front of your eyes.

The last time the Pirates finished with more wins than losses was 1992. I was four years old. Yes, you read that correctly. Four years old!

While Cubs fans may think they are in the worse shape, or Royals fans, or whomever, consider that your team still has had a winning season since the following events were true:

  • George Bush was president (the first one)
  • There was only one war in Iraq
  • The world’s beloved Justin Bieber wasn’t even born yet
  • Charlie Sheen was more known for being Wild Thing, instead of a legitimate threat to society

Why then, is this the year that the Pirates will finally go at least 82-80?

Read on to find out the top five reasons the Pittsburgh Pirates will finish above .500.

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