I’m not sure what the Pirates are looking for in a manager right now, but apparently a proven track record is not one of the qualifications. 

Hometown boy Ken Macha was told by General Manager Neal Huntington that he is no longer being considered for the position.  This came several days after the Seattle Mariners hired leading candidate Eric Wedge, and John Gibbons removed himself from consideration.

How pathetic is your organization when Gibbons chose to remain a bench coach for the sad sack Kansas City Royals rather than come manage the Pirates?

I really have no idea which way the Pirates are going now.  I am hopeful they are going to be setting up some interviews with managerial candidates whose teams are now finished with their playoff runs.  In particular, I hope we will be seeing Tony Pena’s name mentioned for an interview with Huntington.

All I heard was how the Pirates needed to move quickly to secure a managerial hire, yet here we are weeks later, and they clearly lost out on Wedge because they moved too slowly.

This is one hire they absolutely have to get right, and so far I’ve seen nothing but toe stubbing once again from the “best management team in baseball.”

When the best candidate left on your list from the interviews is Carlos Tosca, what does that say?  It says you dropped the ball, yet again.  Of course we’re quite used to this kind of ineptitude here in the Steel City.

Will this organization EVER get it right?

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