In the old days, ballplayers were expected to go out there and fight tooth and nail for all nine innings, or however long it took to beat the opposing team to dust. Come hell or high water, you got your hind parts out there and played.

But no longer. Even without injuries, nobody ever plays every inning of every game any more.

The good news is that this means valuable innings for players with names that would otherwise confound the casual fan. And on balance, you have to imagine that just about every team in the bigs would be irreparably screwed if they didn’t have at least one player who can go out there and play wherever the boss man needs him to play.

Yes sir, a good utility man is a must in this day and age. And there are some who are better than others. For your convenience, I have compiled this list, which shines deserving light on ten players who do it all better than anyone.


All numbers reflect those at the start of play on August 19th.

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