2010 presents us with some of the most compelling playoff races in recent history. With the Padres slipping in the NL West, the Phillies taking over in the NL East, and possibly the two best teams in baseball — the Rays and Yankees — battling it out in the AL East, the last 20 games could bring about many surprises.

The NL West is possible the most inspiring story. With the Padres as the darling team all season, the Giants and Rockies are making a push as San Diego is beginning to have trouble holding on atop the division. The NL East is also interesting, with the Braves making way for the Phillies to swoop into first place. And, of course, the Yankees and Rays battling it out with the Red Sox also in the mix for a possible wild card spot.

Here are the power rankings for the 10 teams that look poised or have a chance at making the 2010 MLB playoffs.

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