Okay, before I start, let me just be clear that I am a huge fan of Charlie Manuel, so don’t be fooled by the headline.

However, when I was thinking over the whole situation about his contract, is it really a necessity to keep him?

Manuel has done a tremendous job in Philadelphia by bringing home a World Series, but has he done all he can?

I feel like in sports there comes a time where a coach can do no more then just watch his team try to execute. The Phillies arguably have the best team on paper in the league, with a ton of talented players.

Manuel had a big influence on every player wearing a Phillies uniform, but I feel like every player (with the exception of a few) have maxed out to their full potential of talent.

Having said that, there are also plenty of reasons why they need to give him the extension.

So in this slideshow we’ll analyze five reasons why they don’t need to give him the extension and five reasons why they do need to give him the extension.

In the end, we’ll come to a verdict.

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