In light of Jayson Werth’s debut in Washington, it’s time to examine the five most likable ex-Philadelphia Phillies.

This is a list of active players who we could all agree that we like (and secretly root for when they’re not playing the Phils).

We may not have always liked them when they were with the Phillies. However, the fact of the matter remains, they were appreciated.

This list may not be liked by all of our readers, but it can be agreed upon that we could do much worse. Obviously, you won’t see Jayson Werth or J.D. Drew on here.

Still, sit back, enjoy the read and let us know what you think of the list we compiled.


1. Brett Myers (Houston Astros)

Myers is a favorite because after he was notified that he wouldn’t be back with the Phillies for the 2010 season, he told the organization, “thanks for putting up with my shit.”

He also said that when he returns to Philly to start, which he will do later today, he wants the Phightin’ Nation to boo him as loud as they can.

Nothing was ever perfect or smooth when Myers would take the mound, but his vicious nature appealed to Phillies fans everywhere.

It will be nice to see him go blow-for-blow today in Philadelphia, but I hope he gets rocked by our hitters.


2. Kyle Drabek (Toronto Blue Jays)

While he never made the big league team, Drabek may become known as “the one that got away.”

Part of the deal that landed Roy Halladay in Philadelphia, Drabek will always have a place in Phillies lore.

When he steps on the mound in the A.L. East to do battle with the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox, everyone in the Phightin’ Nation will hope he dominates.

I wouldn’t think twice about dealing him away for Halladay, but it would have been nice to still have him in our organization.


3. Pat Burrell (San Francisco Giants)

Often booed in left field, the guy who became known as the “$50 million mistake” is still appreciated for his contributions to the team when they made their run to the world title in 2008.

When he returned as a member of the Rays to collect his ring, he still received a standing ovation.

Now he plays for the hated San Francisco Giants, but that doesn’t negate what he did with the Phils. We would have liked to see him do more, but we got the most out of him when we could.


4. J.A. Happ (Houston Astros)

Never considered to be an elite prospect, when Happ was called to duty, he fulfilled everybody’s expectations and then some.

It was disappointing to see him go in the deal that landed Roy Oswalt, but we wouldn’t think twice about doing that trade again.

Still, Happ was consistent despite being considered an overachiever by the “experts.”

Hopefully, his lingering injury will not stop us from seeing him on Sunday.

Happ is going to have a long tenure in the MLB.

He may not ever win a Cy Young Award, but he will prove steady enough to accumulate a bounty full of starts for whomever he is pitching for.


5. Bobby Abreu (L.A. Angels)

It seems like forever since Abreu donned the Phillies uniform.

As a Phillie, he might be remembered most for his 2005 Home Run Derby performance, when he lifted 24 baseballs out of Comerica Park in one round.

He would eventually win the contest with a total of 41 homers.

Abreu might not have helped the Phillies take that extra step forward into the postseason, but his ability to make noise at the plate is what made him special. He is still hitting well despite his age (37), but is often forgotten among the long-list of former Phillies who have put on the best pinstripes in baseball.

J.D. Drew he is not.

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