Pete Rose, baseball’s giant who seems destined to be on the outside looking in, will premiere his TLC reality series with fiancee, Kiana Kim. 

The show, entitled Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs., follows the former Cincinnati Reds superstar who continues to fight his lifetime ban from the game of baseball. 

This being a TLC reality/TV series, you know things are not nearly as simple as that. 

Below is a primer on all things Pete Rose, brought to you by an interview from the network. Thankfully, it’s candid and introspective. 

From there, we get a look into the mind of man who bet on the game, and I will bet you could see some more of this legend who is broken in a lot of ways. 

Well, you get just that starting on Sunday at 10 p.m. with a two-episode sneak preview. The show will then be run again on Monday at the same time—its regular time slot. 

Let me just go ahead and say I don’t have a great feeling about this one, and it has everything to do with what reality TV has become, especially on the network of Honey Boo-Boo has a video of the first commercial for the show, and it’s pretty much your typical ad for a reality-televison program with the same beats and the same plot points. 

It’s my hope that this show is something better. 

You might recall the 30 for 30 documentary done on Rose for ESPN. It was about eight minutes of footage that confirmed for me this baseball legend had an amazing story to tell, even from behind a table where he signs autographs. 

An old man selling his signature hardly sells for the masses who watch reality shows, so some additions were made. 

Again, we will go ahead and make a better judgement when we see it all unfold in the premiere, but the aforementioned commercial leads us to believe a good portion of the show will be based on Kiana Kim wanting to get married, the backlash from her family and what Kim looks like in a dress. 

Perhaps, if there is time, there might be some baseball talk. 

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