Throughout the history of the game and the history of sports, there have been over a million trades done which have forever changed the direction of a sports franchise or landscape forever. You can call it the butterfly effect because thats what it is, a small trade here and there can cause big changes later on (managerial changes, free agent signings, new stadium, or even a World Series).

In the case of the Florida Marlins, a Major League Baseball franchise that has been around since 1993, they have won a couple of World Series (1997 and 2003). The little known story behind both of those titles have been the trades they made in order to win them. I’ll chronicle that here and run down over the trades that forever changed the Florida Marlins and made up what they are today.

Without these trades, this franchise, would not be here right now. In the spirit of the Trade Deadline and trades period here are those trades that have forever this MLB franchise, the Florida Marlins…

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