In this day and age, you can make a wager on just about anything.

Who wins a game, by how much, what color the Gatorade (in the Gatorade bath) will be, how long the national anthem will be—there is truly an endless number of things bookies will take bets on.

These days, Donald Trump and Curt Schilling have become hot topics in both the political and sports worlds, because both are as outspoken as it gets. Trump’s willingness to say what’s on his mind hasn’t hurt his run at the Republican presidential nomination, whereas Schilling’s social media posts recently cost him his job at ESPN.

Can you imagine a world in which Trump and Schilling are on the ballot together this fall? It’s unlikely, but that’s not stopping anyone from putting odds on it.

According to, the odds that Trump—should he win the Republican nomination—selects Schilling as his running mate are 12,000-1. In comparison, the odds that the six-time MLB All-Star gets another broadcasting gig by season’s end are 10-1.

As Matt Snyder of CBS Sports noted, these odds aren’t available for bettors to actually put money on. Regardless, it does go to show that there’s really nothing that can’t be turned into a prop bet.

If people could make wagers on whether the Trump-Schilling ticket becomes a reality, chances are someone would take those odds in hopes of cashing in big. After all, as we saw with Leicester City (5,000-1 odds to win the Premier League title), anything can happen.

The more important question here is, would you vote for a Trump-Schilling duo?

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