Wednesday night’s Nationals-Marlins benches-clearing brawl, which could have arguably been started via the Marlins bench after Nyjer Morgan was “unsportsmanlike” in stealing second and third with a Nationals deficit, and Morgan’s WWE-like exit from the field may have been the icing on the cake for Morgan’s season.

Just a week and a half ago, Morgan showed his immaturity by throwing a ball into the stands, hurting a fan. Major League Baseball slapped him with a seven-game suspension, which Morgan is appealing. I do not think Wednesday’s incident will help Morgan’s case in getting that suspension shortened.

Bud Selig needs to review Wednesday’s incident, along with Tuesday’s “controversial home plate collision” that may have ended catcher Brett Hayes’ season with a separated shoulder.

Now do not get me wrong; I am not against hard-nosed players like Morgan, but this case is a call for an indefinite suspension for the remainder of the season.

Selig needs to take a page out of Roger Goodell’s NFL punishment book and show that this sort of behavior is not tolerated in Major League Baseball and try to show the rest of the league that immature behavior like this is not tolerated while wearing a major or minor league uniform.

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