Nyjer Morgan’s latest suspension for charging Marlins P Chris Volstad for throwing behind him drew a ludicrous eight game suspension from Bud Selig, in addition to his previous seven game suspension currently under appeal.

Volstad allegedly threw behind Morgan in retaliation for a heinous crime: Stealing two bases in a row when his team was down by 10 runs.

Oh no. He’s lucky he doesn’t get suspended for that, too.

Apparently there’s some unwritten baseball rule somewhere that states that if your team is down by a zillion runs, you’re not allowed to try to claw your way back. At least the Marlins think so, and so Volstad intentionally threw behind Morgan.

If you were Morgan, wouldn’t you be just a little bit angry at someone intentionally trying to injure you with a baseball in response for trying to light a fire under your team?

They’re also unhappy with him for knocking over catchers at home plate. Which is something that no other baseball player has ever done. Certainly not Boston’s Ryan Kalish, who bowled over Indians catcher Carlos Santana and ended his season with a horrific knee injury. Better suspend him too.

If the two suspensions he’s facing hold up after appeals (they’re always reduced, so they won’t), he’ll be out for a total of 15 games. Fifteen games suspended for doing things that happen every season with little or no incident.

He doesn’t understand why they’re throwing the book at him, and I don’t either.

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