Right now, the team playing the best baseball in the AL East Division is without a doubt the Toronto Blue Jays.

In the last week the Blue Jays won series against the two best teams in baseball; first they were in New York winning two of three against the Yankees, then headed home and pounded on the Tampa Bay Rays.

By now this is a broken record in Toronto, the ball club plays well, but is always missing that something to make it into the post-season.

So what is the problem with the Blue Jays?

Thus far in 2010, we know the Blue Jays can hit home-runs. The team leads the majors with 175 as of August 7th.

The sting of losing ace Roy Halladay to the Philadelphia Phillies was just a figure of speech because the Blue Jays have quality young arms that have made his absence almost forgettable. The pitching prospects are top notch, but this group needs to stay together in 2011 for their talent to really start to show.

They can hang in the AL East because they continually prove it.

My theory is all the Jays do is hit home-runs, so the inevitable slumps hit deeper because they don’t play small ball.

Toronto’s starting rotation has given up only 93 home-runs this season, second in the AL behind the Chicago White Sox who have the lowest in the majors with 78.

So, please explain how the team who hits the most home-runs and gives up the lease can’t even contend for the postseason?

Could the Blue Jays stay hot and make a miracle-type of run for October?

Toronto’s typical behavior over the last few seasons is a hot streak that ends just before the All-Star break and that is about it.

This is not the case in 2010, as the Blue Jays are making another go at it and doing it against baseball’s elite.

Hey in sports, you never know what can happen. Maybe Toronto fans should go cheer because the team is surely giving them reason now.

JUST A NOTE….One AL East team has a four game winning streak and it’s the Baltimore Orioles. New skipper Buck Showalter will inspire good things to come in Camden Yard. It’s about time the loyal depressed O’s fans had something real and good to look forward too.




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