MLB players involved in the Biogenesis scandal may not be suspended in 2013, according to an ESPN Dallas report.

In an interview with Texas Rangers executive Nolan Ryan, Todd Wills reported that Ryan has had conversations with commissioner Bud Selig concerning the matter.

Ryan said, based on his talks with MLB, the investigation is going to be a “long, drawn-out affair.” (Nelson) Cruz, who could be facing a 50-game suspension, said last week that he hasn’t talked to MLB investigators yet.

I don’t know that there’s a time frame that they’re dealing with, Ryan said. I know that they’re in a fact-finding mode right now, so we’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out. But do I worry about losing Nellie here shortly? No, I don’t. I really think he’ll be with us and we’ll just have to see where that goes.

In fact, if there are any suspensions, they likely wouldn’t happen until the beginning of the 2014 season.

This is good and bad for all involved.

The good part about it is for players like Cruz, Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon, Jhonny Peralta and Melky Cabrera, whose suspensions won’t get in the way of their teams’ 2013 playoff runs.

Colon would be the biggest beneficiary of this, as he’s close to retirement age and could just walk away from the game after this season.

Owners and team executives would also like for it to not happen during the 2013 season. If the suspensions happen afterwards, they can plan for it and make the necessary roster adjustments.

So what’s the bad?

The worst part is that it will continue to be in the forefront of baseball conversations. The speculation about what might happen will continue to run rampant.

While the investigation continues, those players are going to help their teams make playoff runs.

Then you have the “what if” factor. What if one of those players has the game (or games) of their life and helps their team win the World Series? What if all of it happens while they’re supposed to be suspended for their past transgressions?

If one of these players ends up being a league championship series or World Series MVP, and is then suspended to start 2014, there are going to be some serious issues.

Cabrera nearly won the batting title last year. Had he not pulled himself out of consideration, he would have won the title over Buster Posey. Would Posey have then won the NL MVP?

There are a lot of variables going on in this case and I think it’s important for MLB to do their due diligence.

But if one of these players does something magical to affect the 2013 season, and is then suspended in the offseason, baseball is going to be in big trouble.

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