This was a bad game. This was just a bad game.

Nothing seemed to go right for the Giants in this one.

Panda choked. Two runs scored on Aubrey Huff’s fielding error. Jayson Werthless hit a home run. Cody Ross made the last out tagging from second to third in the bottom of the third inning. Both Giants pinch hitters promptly struck out. And Phillies pitching had their way with the Giants lineup.

The Giants scored once on Cody Ross’s RBI single, Timmy had one bad inning and that was all she wrote.

The game was close throughout, “torture” as always. We Giants fans have had so many tortuous games with mostly positive results we were starting to like this whole torture thing.

But this was the bad kind of torture. This was this kind of torture, courtesy of

“The torturer turned the handle causing the ropes to pull the victim’s arms. Eventually, the victim’s bones were dislocated with a loud crack. If the torturer kept turning the handles, some of the limbs were torn apart, usually the arms.”

Yeah, that about describes it.

Here are the grades for the Giants in Game 5 of the NLCS. Those a bit squeamish look away.

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