With a huge payroll, the Los Angeles Dodgers expect nothing less than a trip to the World Series. Here’s what they will have to do in order to win the NLCS.

It has been an amazing turnaround in Los Angeles. Not only have the Dodgers drastically improved from last year, but they have gotten much better since early in this season.

An incredible come-from-behind victory in Game 4, with recap courtesy of MLB.com, gave Los Angeles time to rest and set its rotation.

The Dodgers have to be viewed as the favorites to win the title. They are stacked in just about every aspect, and their depth is tough to beat.

Even though Matt Kemp won’t be in the lineup, the Dodgers have the talent to win it all. Here’s what they have to do in the NLCS to keep their hopes alive.


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*All stats are courtesy of MLB.com

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