This is not a panic post about Mariano Rivera struggling, because as always, I have full faith in him. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore what’s been going on.

Rivera’s struggles go back to September 11. On September 10, he pitched two innings in Texas. It was a strong performance. He needed just 23 pitches to get through those two innings so Joe Girardi decided it was okay to go with him the next night.

That day things went wrong for Rivera. He needed 21 pitches to get just one out and was pulled without being able to get through the inning.

Here are his numbers from September 11 on:

Six G, 0-1 record, three SV, 3 BS, 5.2 IP, nine H, six ER, two BB, one SO, one HR, and a 9.53 ERA.

Now, Rivera’s velocity has been consistent, so it’s not likely a physical problem. He’s hasn’t been as consistent within the strike zone as he usually is.

Again, this is not a panic post, Rivera will turn it around. But I did want to point out how bad he has been. And at the age of 40, we need to be reminded that he won’t last forever. Once he does fade, the Yankees could be in real trouble.

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