I’m getting dizzy from all the spinning the New York Yankees are doing on catching prospects Jesus Montero and, to a lesser extent, Austin Romine. In case you missed it, both were dismissed to the minor leagues after each failed miserably during spring training.

Last winter, Montero was the odds-on favorite to be the Yankees‘ starting catcher this season. Even after Brian Cashman signed the just-released Russell Martin (no great shakes himself, this spring), Montero had the backup job in the majors waiting for him on a silver platter.

But Montero was nothing short of pathetic this spring despite being given chance after chance after chance. Romine was no better. So, the decision everybody who paid even casual attention knew was coming was finally announced on Monday.

Jesus Montero and Austin Romine have each been reassigned to the minor leagues.

But now the Yankees want to pretend it’s because they want those guys “playing every day.”

“We thought it was more beneficial for them to play every day instead of maybe just getting a couple starts in the month of April,” manager Joe Girardi said. “When you look at those two young guys, we consider them front-line catchers in the big leagues some day.”

BULL ****!

Nobody in the Yankees organization gave a DAMN about Montero and, to a lesser extent, Romine “playing every day” when they were convinced one, if not both, would make the team out of spring training. It only became a very convenient excuse, uh hem, I mean ISSUE, after they each sucked so bad during February and March.

And as if all of that is not bad enough, Girardi actually had the nerve to say Montero has “showed a lot of improvement since last year.”

WTF?! Did Girardi actually WATCH this dude play??? Montero was AWFUL! HORRIFIC! PATHETIC! And not just defensively, he sucked with a bat in his hands, too! Yet Girardi actually has the NERVE to say Montero IMPROVED?

That’s an absolute slap in the face and insult to the intelligence of every single person who watched Montero play this spring.

By the way, for those who have lost count, that’s also about the 273rd time the Yankees have claimed Montero has “shown a lot of improvement.”

The guy would be the best catcher in MLB history by now if he had improved even HALF as often as the Yankees claim he has.

About the only truth to come out of the Yankees regarding this situation is that Montero and Romine have each been reassigned to the minor leagues. Everything else is P.R. bull**** spin because Cashman and Girardi don’t want to admit the truth.

Both guys positively SUCKED all spring long.

Courtesy of Yankees ‘n More

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