Typical Mark Teixeira.

He wants everyone to congratulate him for dumping Scott Boras. He approached as a newsworthy moment. He acted like this was a noble thing to do.

It never ends with Teixeira. He acts like he invented the game of baseball and he wants people to marvel every move he makes.

It gets annoying.

There is nothing worse than a guy acting self-important, and Teixeira does this all the time.

He claimed he dumped Boras because he was tired of people knowing him as Boras’ client rather than be a baseball player.

If that is not being self-centered, then what is?

First of all, no one is interested in his reasoning. No one cares.

Second of all, it’s funny he talks about it now. Where was he when Boras helped him land lucrative contracts throughout his career? He’s being disingenuous by citing his association with the super agent as his cause him to move on. He didn’t complain when the money was coming to him.

This is about his being protective of his image. Obviously, he cares about what people think of him. That type of stuff belong to high schoolers. Professional players should just do their job and keep quiet.

There’s no need to go promote themselves for something they do.

It’s funny, Tex found religion about his image. He is the one that brings all of this on himself and now, he’s blaming Boras for bad association.

This sounds like he wants to pass the buck rather than looking at the mirror. He should try that. This is a guy who likes to educate people about the game.

He treats the local media as if they are dumb. He gets defensive when he deals with the tough questions.

He whines about getting hit by pitch often. This is a guy who loses his temper when that happens. He intentionally injured Angels catcher Bobby Wilson by ramming through him after getting a hit by pitch last year.

Remarkably, Teixeira sounded indifferent about the whole thing when asked about it. He did not even bother calling him.

Actions define what a person is about, and too many times, Teixeira comes off looking bad. For him to blame all of this on Boras, it’s absurd. It’s up to the individual to conduct himself in a proper manner.

This is not the first time he had those problems. He’s been like that with the Texas Rangers. He was sensitive to criticism over there.

When Ron Washington had the courage to call him out, he was pouting to the point it affected his play.

The Rangers had no choice to trade the moody player. He became a bad influence to the young players, and he took the life out of that team with his complaining.

The Rangers have done well without him. They hired players with character and it was good enough for them to go to the World Series last year.

Yes, Teixeira won a championship two years ago, but it’s easy to go play for a team that buys a championship every year. Besides it’s not like he was doing anything in the postseason two years ago.

The fact the Rangers won without him was not lost on him. Maybe that inspired him to change his agent and reinvent himself.

If he was serious about changing his image, he shouldn’t have gone out and made a news conference out of it.

If he is going to be serious about this, he should be stoic to the media from now on. He’s better off anyway because he adds no insight to his quotes.

We’ll see how Teixeira conducts himself from now on. It’s hard to think he’s going to change. No one ever changes. It’s one thing from a kid to grow up at some point, but when a man is set in his ways, there’s no reason to think he will change.

This is why it’s odd he would dump Boras. What good does it do?

He means well by citing his reasoning to dump Boras, but that’s not going to do much. It’s up to him change his ways.

Also, fans worry about him hitting a baseball. They want him to get over his April slump that haunted his career. If he does that, no one will care if he is a jerk. It seems Teixeira is too worried about what people think of him. If that’s the case, he does not mean well at all.

He has to do this based on his heart. If he is really serious about this, he has to show it.

We are going to see how he does this year. He can’t keep coming up with excuses to justify his actions.

By firing Boras, he put the attention on himself and that’s the way he likes it.

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