The New York Yankees have experienced its fair share of vitriol during its long and illustrious history. But now a controversial Taiwanese anime website called Next Media Animation ( has taken the words “Yankee hater” to a whole new level.

In a recent YouTube video, “2012 New York Yankees Season Headed off the Rails” NMA used brutally vivid imagery to describe the Yankees’ difficult second half.

From NMA:

Last year the Boston Red Sox suffered an epic meltdown, dropping 20 of 27 September games and losing out on a Wild Card berth to the Tampa Bay Rays, who they led by nine games on Sept. 4, 2011. This year the New York Yankees may suffer a similar fate.

Perhaps the folks at NMA are ginormous Wei-Yin Chen fans. Maybe NMA felt the need to kick one of the world’s best MLB teams while it is down.

Whatever the reason, right off the bat, NMA lets viewers know where its loyalties sit (with the Baltimore Orioles).

The video begins with two imposing pirate ships—one with the Yankees logo, the other with the Orioles logo—racing through open seas. The next shot shows three O’s players (Chen, Adam Jones and some old guy that looks nothing like Buck Showalter) celebrating their defeat of the Yankees’ ship.

“The Yankees choke!” said a woman in Chinese, as the scene changed (strangely) to three Yanks players being grotesquely barbequed on what appears to be the world’s largest charcoal grill.

One Yankees player is poked with a barbeque fork and sliced in half at the belt.

This, as the words “stick a fork in them” appears on the screen.

Back to open seas. The next scene shows the Yankees and Orioles ships anchored side-by-side in an epic cannon battle.

The Orioles then boarded the Yankees ship and proceeded to win a sword fight.

NMA had to be smoking something while creating this video, because things grew even more disturbing from this point.

The video concludes with Yankees’ ace CC Sabathia being netted on a beach and hauled to sea by a boat like a whale. It also includes a teammate injecting Alex Rodriguez PEDs into his behind with an enormous syringe. Last but not least, there is even a scene where the pinstripes managed to load the bases with all players using walkers to get around the bases.

How Sabathia is pitching with his own teammates on base is beyond me (not to mention one player is playing shortstop with a walker).

Note, Yankee Stadium looks more like a place Rainbow Brite would hang out at than a popular ballpark.

All in all the video would be appalling if it were not so laughable. It is laughable because it is associated with a team that is still in firm contention for the postseason.

Still, even the most hard-core Yankees fan cannot help but chuckle at some of the scenes in this video.

But I can also see how some would be ticked off beyond all belief.

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