By Cooper L. Train

It’s just been Yanks, Yanks, Yanks around here the past couple of weeks, and don’t think we Mets fans haven’t noticed.

And trust me, when the New York Yankees finally fall to Texas, even if it takes Cliff Lee in Game 7, you’ll be hearing from us. Believe that.

The New York Mets, meanwhile, are still out searching for a new general manager to replace Omar Minaya. The frontrunner at this point appears to be Sandy Alderson, who, on top of having a chick’s name, is also the guy responsible for putting together those steroid-powered Oakland A’s teams of the early 90s.

And while the Wilpons have already gone on record saying the Mets will hire a general manager and then give that individual the power to select the next manager, that didn’t stop Huffington Post Mets blogger Steven Hirsch from firing out The Case For Bobby Valentine.

The story uses evidence from Bobby V’s first tenure as Mets manager as evidence he could find success:

“When you look at the 2000 Mets, you see a team, on paper, of mediocrity. Mediocre hitting, mediocre pitching, and mediocre fielding were the realities of the 2000 National League Pennant winners.

“Of course, there were exceptions such as Mike Piazza, Edgardo Alfonzo, Mike Hampton, and Al Leiter. But when you consider a team with an outfield that consisted of Jay Payton, Derek Bell, and Benny Agbayani along with an infield that included Rey Ordonez, Robin Ventura, and Todd Zeile, you have to give credit to Bobby Valentine for turning this team into a pennant winner.”

A lot of baseball fans just see Bobby Valentine as a goof-ball begging for a managerial job wasting more time on ESPN than Jenn Sterger. The truth is, as Hirsch points out, the guy had a lot of success with a slightly-above-average group, and having an over-achiever on their bench might be exactly what the Mets need.

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