Jerry Manuel gets criticized for many of the Mets‘ issues on and off the field. Fans get on him for his in-game decisions, which at times is deserved. But what I ask here is that the Mets give Jerry Manuel the opportunity he is owed to manage the team in 2011.

Jerry Manuel took over the Mets back in ’08 in the middle of the night. The Mets were floundering at 34-35. From the beginning, Manuel made his presence felt when he pulled Jose Reyes from the (first) game when he came up lame running out a grounder. Reyes argued with Manuel, but Manuel was stern.

Manuel would lead the Mets back into contention, and even to a division lead late in September. We all know the Mets floundered down the stretch to finish 89-73 and out of the playoffs.

But none of it was Manuel’s fault.

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