Since the arrival of Citi Field in New York, the classic folk song “Meet the Mets” is rarely rejoiced around the stadiums 41,000 plus seats. 

As much as each and every Met fan still enjoys referencing the song from time to time, “Meet the Mets” went out with Shea Stadium, and is no longer the team anthem that so many generations came to admire.

Perhaps this is due to Citi Field’s latest and greatest technology, or the fact that the times have changed in baseball.  But to put the theory of truth to the test, it’s fair to say that a small abundance of people would shy away from greeting the Mets, due to the teams comical seasons as of late.

To rewind forty odd years ago, just about everybody who was anybody in baseball would have jumped at the chance to manage the orange and blue.  The players were striving, the city of New York had for once placed the Yankees at the butt end of the state’s ricther scale, and with a World Series victory falling in 1969, the Mets were the team to beat—even if it was for only a single season.

Fast forward to nowadays, and the Mets are a team in turmoil. 

Obvious talent still sits within the active roster, but since the firing of previous GM Omar Minaya and Manager Jerry Manuel earlier in October, Mets fans have been left in the dark in regard to who their team’s newest General Manager may be next season.

Looking back to the Mets’ original firing on October 4, the following quote from New York’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon summed up the teams intentions.

“We are extremely disappointed in this year’s results and the failures of the past four seasons,” Wilpon said. “We need to hire a new General Manager with a fresh perspective who will transform this club into a winner that we want and our fans deserve.

To put the quote of “You hit the nail on the head” to good use, Jeff Wilpon has summed up the Mets’ last four seasons in a nutshell.

But who is the favorite to take over this ball club, with a World Series deadline lingering ever so close?

It’s no secret to many, but most of the Mets fanbase firmly believes that the likes of Logan White may be right for the job.

For those that are unfamiliar with Logan White’s expertise, he has served with the Los Angeles Dodgers as the teams assistant general manager for quite some time, and was favored to take over in Los Angeles, if a Mets deal fell through.

To speak for most of the Mets fan base, the hiring of Logan White would be ideal.  Although the Dodgers haven’t exactly captured a barrage of pennants lately, they have been successful in making big time moves toward the likes of Manny Ramirez in the past, something that the Mets have failed to do in the last ten years.

This type of indecision has cost the Mets dearly.  Not only has the team fallen behind in the National League East in terms of talent, New York has also failed to sweep up big time acquisitions, even though money hasn’t been the easiest thing to come by—unlike for the Yankees.

To keep hope alive though, all is not lost in New York.

I, like many people, believe that with the right management and motivation, the Mets can easily sweep up some big time names in the coming months—one of which could be Carl Crawford from Tampa Bay.

As for who the Mets’ new manager will be, your guess is as good as mine.

However, as long as we are focusing on the positive, Bobby Valentine would be the most favorable pick, considering his no-nonsense attitude, that could draw some interest from the leagues best and brightest if all things fall into place.

For all of the Mets criticism and laughter that is shared from outside fans, people who support the team would recognize how meaningful it is for a World Series deadline to be set. 

Sure, it amps up the urgency a little, but it also indicates to any potential candidates that New York means business, and if said person is serious about taking over, they will have to act fast.

Speaking of acting fast, the Mets fanbase is growing weary of missed opportunities.  Demand is growing for some young talent, and even though there are bigger priorities at the present time, some depth to the 40-man roster would sustain some form of happiness next season.

Whoever winds up in the driver seat, let’s hope they have thick skin.

This may not be the Philadelphia Eagles, but a lack of decent management yet again will see this comedy of errors continue for another five years.

I recently read David Green’s “101 Reasons To Love The New York Mets”, and in it he stated the Mets’ postseason appearances (1969, 1973, 1986, 1988, 1999, 2000, 2006) with great admiration.

Seven in total, and many more to come?

Tug McGraw said, “Ya Gotta Believe,” and with no more Jerry Manuel, the stench is gone from Citi Field. 

Still, Tug McGraw’s old school quote has now developed into “Ya Gotta Hope”—a feeling that is shared throughout New York until a decent manager is appointed.  The World Series is within throwing distance, and the deadline is now set for a willing candidate to take advantage of.

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