The Mets‘ hunt for a general manager has only just begun, but many names have already been mentioned.  Of the ten candidates fo far in the running, Sandy Alderson appears to be the front runner.

Sandy Alderson was born on November 22, 1947, in Seattle, Washington.  Most recently, he has worked for the MLB commissioner’s office, where he was the executive vice president of baseball operations from 1998 to 2005. He later took the job as CEO of the San Diego Padres and would resign from that position on March 26, 2009, after four years at the position.

On October 7th, 2010, the New York Daily News stated that the New York Mets were interested in Alderson.  I have no reason to think they shouldn’t be:  he is an experienced and smart baseball personality who would do well with a team like the Mets. 

The Mets have been in dire need of an experienced general manager for some time now. One of the most recent problems with the Mets’ front office has been that the general managers don’t have enough power. Sandy Alderson could change that. 

It is said that the Wilpons haven’t been letting their general managers make their own decisions.  The Wilpons own the Mets, and they might have their reasons for preventing their general managers from having too much power. 

If Alderson takes the position, however, he deserves all the power he can get.  First of all, he is older than Jeff Wilpon, and likely more experienced. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to take power away from someone with less experience than you, than someone with more.

Fortunately, Alderson knows how to use his power.  He is a great talent evaluator who has repeatedly led the Oakland A’s to the World Series from 1988-1990, winning in 1989.  He built a fantastic A’s team and they had the success to prove it.

The Mets have the resources that Sandy needs, and together, they are the perfect fit.  Other candidates, such as Rick Hahn, are smart, but they just don’t have enough experience for the job. 

The Mets need a guy who has seen it all, and knows how to build a winning franchise.  If he can turn the Mets around, Sandy may actually be unprepared for the amount of love the New York fans will bestow on him.

Sandy Alderson should take this job, although it could either be nightmare or a dream for him.  It’s up to him. But I strongly believe that he will be living a dream.  After all, there’s no better place to win than New York, the Big Apple. 

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