It’s official. In order to make room for today’s start Jon Niese on the roster the Mets have placed Oliver Perez on the disabled list with what they are calling tendinitis in his knee . Yeah right, and if frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their ass when they hopped.

That jokes refers to the fact that this is not a real injury. The Mets have twice asked Perez to take a minor league assignment so that maybe he can regain some confidence and enough stuff to become a productive member of the team. He has twice rejected them and instead of asking him, and being rejected, a third time, the Mets have simply decided to put him on the DL with a phantom knee injury.

This, however, only buys the Mets a little bit of time. He has to spend at least 15 days on the DL and then eventually has to play in some rehab games. After a certain number he must be activated or he has to give his permission to stay in the minors. We’ll see what happens with that down the road. Until then at least the Mets have 25 productive players (alright they actually only have 24 thanks to Henry Blanco ).


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