It’s difficult to get excited about the Mets these days, and I’m not going to take the bait of a single great night of baseball and build it into a fantasy about how good this team may be. But after tonight’s win against the Yankees, it’s cerainly seems possible to get really excited about what we saw from Mike Pelfrey, Mejia, and KRod.



Mike Pelfrey’s performance tonight was massive.  We’ve already seen some great outings from him this year, but tonight he put it all together and dominated a lineup that only the best can.  He put on a demonstration in control, using breaking pitches for strike outs, and controlling the at bats.

Did you see what he did to Swisher who crowds the plate when he hits?  He spun him around.  That is how you pitch against a team as lethal as the Yankees.



Tell me your heart didn’t drop when Jerry brought Mejia out in the seventh inning.  Here’s our best prospect who hasn’t been given the time to develop his breaking pitches.  After giving up a hit and a walk, it felt like Jerry was feeding the Mets future to the lions. 

Instead, Mejia delivers an electric performance striking out Teixeira and A-Rod.  He’d slain the lions.  I can’t wait for this guy to be ready.



I’ve been waiting for this guy to blow a huge game since he came onto the team last year. It has been hard to believe this guy is in control of the ball that comes out of his hand while he’s tumbling off into the dugout.  It seems every appearance involves guys getting on base and walks.  I have stood in amazement that this guy made his debut just before the 2002 World Series, where he dominated in the biggest game in baseball.

He was incredible.  Tonight, I see that K-Rod likes the big game.  He rises to the occasion. 

These three pitchers combined to give us one of the best Mets pitching performances I’ve ever seen.  Tough season, incredible game.

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