An offer has been made to re-acquire the services of Hisanori Takahashi, but unless the Mets significantly up the offer, he is almost certain to walk.

Earlier today it was reported by Dave Waldstein of the New York Post that the Mets have offered Takahashi an incentive-leaden one-year proposal. Takahashi is reported as seeking a deal between two to three years and if the Mets don’t significantly up the offer, he will more than likely walk to any of the other 29 remaining teams.

This deal, however, was made up before Sandy Alderson took office for the Mets and as he said Friday, “We’re going to look at it hard.”

The fact that the deadline to sign Takahashi was extended is a mere sign that a deal could be in place before the new Nov. 5th time limit. Since Takahashi changed agencies, and the flux in ownership after succeeding in finding a new GM, the deadline was pushed back to make up lost time in the course of chaos the past couple days.

If a deal does not get done by the time Nov. 5th passes, Takahashi will be able and willing to sign with any other team and he would not be able to re-open talks with the Mets until May 15th, all but assuring that he will most likely sign somewhere else.

The Mets can’t really afford to lose Takahashi either, especially with Pedro Feliciano also looking at free agency this offseason. Takahashi was an integral part of last year’s squad, and the Mets need to up the ante or risk losing his left-handed presence in the bullpen.  

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