That’s right, I said it.  Javier Vazquez would be a great fit for the New York Mets.  Last year, Vazquez was less than stellar for the Yankees.  He just couldn’t seem to get it going, but when he finally did, he did it in Citi Field.

During the Subway Series, Vazquez pitched one of the best games of his not-so-good season.  It seemed as if Vazquez benefited from the spacious dimensions of Citi Field.  He was throwing strikes and was keeping the ball in the park. 

With the uncertain status of Johan Santana, the Mets are in need of another starting pitcher.  Vazquez definitely won’t fill Santana’s shoes, but he will be a good piece for the bottom of the starting rotation for the Mets. 

The Mets don’t have a lot of money to spend on the free-agent market, so they most likely aren’t going to get Cliff Lee.  If Vazquez is asking for the right amount of money, then the Mets should definitely make a go for him. 

His game fits well into Citi Field, and he has shown that he can handle the hardest of the New York media.  He has had many fantastic years and there’s no reason to think that he can’t return to form with the Mets. 

The Mets can make this a low-risk/high-reward situation if they pay Vazquez the right money, and give him no more than a two-year deal. 

The worst-case scenario is that Vazquez continues to perform below his abilities and the Mets will have to hold on to him or try and get rid of him.  But, he won’t be owed that much money so it won’t be nearly as bad as the Oliver Perez situation, where he is making $12 million for just sitting around.

The best-case scenario will be that Vazquez returns to his old form, and Citi Field helps him be great.  He won’t get paid a fortune and he has the potential to be great.  I think that if Vazquez and his agent are asking for a reasonable contract, then the Mets should definitely make a run for him. 

I’m always in the mood for a low-risk/high-reward signing.  The Mets and Sandy Alderson should definitely look into this. 

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