By Cooper L. Train

Congratulations, fans of the New York Mets. We have a new leader and he has a girls name.

Multiple new sources are revealing that the Mets have extended an offer to Richard Lynn “Sandy” Alderson to be the team’s next GM. No official announcement has been made yet, because Major League Baseball has a rule that no major moves are allowed to occur during the World Series. (You’ll remember in a similar instance, former Yankee owner George Steinbrenner elected to die during the All-Star Break on the only day during the summer no games are played, so that his passing wouldn’t interfere with day-to-day baseball activities.)

Many expect the Wilpons to get a special exemption from Bud Selig that would allow them to announce Alderson’s hiring on Friday, when the Rangers and Giants are off for a travel day.

Speaking of Bud Selig, the rumor going around is that Sandy Alderson came highly recommended by the dorky and often-despised commissioner of baseball which is kind of similar to the worst deli owner in history telling you what his favorite sandwich is. Sure, it may be a great sandwich. But it doesn’t mean a thing coming from him.

That being said, Alderson’s resume is impressive. Here’s just a few quick things we found on the Mets new GM:

“I trusted Sandy Alderson, and in this game, that’s huge… You always knew where you stood with Sandy, [and he] was always one of those guys who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box… He was all about making sure you think through everything before making the decision.  Sandy is a smart guy.  He’ll have a network of people he’ll bring in who will make that organization better if he gets the job.” -Kevin Powers, GM of the San Diego Padres when Alderson was Team CEO

From Yahoo! Sports:

“Alderson’s résumé is unmatched, having served as GM and later president of the Oakland Athletics from 1983 to 1997. With Alderson and manager Tony La Russa in the lead, the A’s teams of 1988-1992 with Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Dennis Eckersley won four division titles and reached three World Series — winning it all in ’89.

With Alderson as GM, the A’s also turned out three straight AL Rookies of the Year — Canseco, McGwire and Walt Weiss. Canseco wasn’t drafted by Alderson, but he should get credit for developing him. And those A’s teams were constructed every which way — draft, free agency, trades, etc.

If there’s a downside to Alderson, it’s that he hasn’t run day-to-day baseball operations since ’97, having served as CEO for the San Diego Padres until working for the commissioner’s office this past season.”

From MLB Trade Rumors:

“Alderson was a forward thinker in the A’s front office. He surrounded himself with people trained in quantitative analysis to make the most of the team’s resources.

The A’s, like the Padres, operate on a limited budget, so despite all of his time in the game, Alderson’s experience comes mostly from small West Coast markets. In fact he has a history of speaking out against massive contracts.”

Honestly, anything other than Isiah Thomas would have gotten us pumped. That being said, Alderson is an experienced guy with a history of success, and we’ve yet to read an opinion by anyone stating this was a bad decision. But let’s hear it from you, Mets fans. What are your expectations for the Sandy Alderson era?

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