Tsk tsk, Mets fans.

All it took was one—one decent regular season for you to go full Bawston.

You get a couple of good pitchers on your team and all of a sudden you’re Ben Affleck stumbling around outside O’Flannigan’s and pounding your chest on social media.

All poor Bryce Harper wanted was to share a moment of light he found in the dark, dark hole the Washington Nationals have slid into, and you couldn’t even let him do that.

Just take a look at Harper’s Instagram. It’s not a photo page anymore—not after New York completed its three-game sweep of the Nationals on Wednesday night.

Now it’s just a parking lot where Mets fans come to do wheelies and ram shopping carts into parked cars:

Maybe one out of every 20 comments isn’t “#LGM” (“Let’s go Mets”):

Got ’em!

The thing is, I get where Mets fans are coming from. Their team is exciting. I’d watch Jacob deGrom throw fastballs until the sun burns out. He’s like a giant Cocker spaniel with unpredictable action.

But still, maybe pump the brakes a tad. The Nationals are already dead. You can’t kill them again.

Dan is on Twitter. Never go full Bawston. 

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