This is the message sent to Mets fans earlier today from our good friend, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon:

“Dear Mets Fans:

As you may know, earlier today we completed the initial round of interviews with six talented candidates to become the new General Manager of the New York Mets.

Each was extremely impressive—Allard Baird, Rick Hahn, Josh Byrnes, Sandy Alderson, Logan White, and Dana Brown. All reiterated their desire and interest in pursuing this opportunity.

We will be in direct communication with each as we narrow the candidate pool by early next week. We subsequently will invite the leading candidates back to meet with Fred, Saul, and me.

We have an outstanding group from which to select our new General Manager. We look forward to sharing more information with you soon.”

As much as us Mets fans want to grumble and moan about ownership and the initiative they’ve taken in many aspects of the team (and honestly we have good reason to moan), it looks like they’ve been taking the correct steps towards finding a legitimate man to head the future of the Mets.

With the first round of GM interviews finally over, it feels as though ownership really wants to relay the message to fans that they are doing everything in their power to turn this team around.

However, talk is cheap and if they really want the fan base to buy into what they are trying to do, we need to see some action. That’s why I feel I can speak for Mets fans when I say the end of the World Series couldn’t come soon enough.

The past few years all we’ve basically heard was talk, and nothing amounted to the talk besides a couple sub-.500 seasons and September collapses.

With that said and those images of ’07, ’08 and ’09 in our minds, we need a GM who will fit all the pieces together that will lead to a championship ball club, a manager who can instill the fight in a team that will lead to great things and lastly, the players who will leave everything on the field, win or lose.

With that hopefully in the foreseeable future, the Wilpons, Saul Katz and John Ricco, from what their weekly e-mails advise, are quickly along the path to figuring this all out.

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