Three years ago, I couldn’t watch a single pitch of playoff baseball. The sting of the Mets collapse was too much for me. Observing other teams pursue a world championship (especially the Phillies), caused me to think about all of the “what ifs”.

What if Tom Glavine didn’t blow up in the final game?

What if the Mets won just one or two more games during season?

What if, what if, what if……….

Flash forward to the present day. Not only can I watch playoff baseball, but I don’t have that nasty bile taste in my mouth when the Phillies or Yankees are on television. I have come to accept the fact that the teams I dislike the most (hate is such a strong word), are good and my beloved Mets are not.

Shane Victorino no longer invokes thoughts of me flying out to Philadelphia, deplaning, driving over to Citizens Bank Ballpark, entering the clubhouse and kicking him in the shins (really hard).

Gone are the thoughts of me boarding another plane, entering the Yankees’ clubhouse and smacking the smug look off of Alex Rodriguez’s face with a white glove a.k.a duel style.

Don’t get me wrong, I have and will continue to root against the Phillies and Yankees. The Reds and Twins failed, so now I will be pulling for the Giants and Rangers. I still snicker and jeer every time I hear the phrase “H2O”, due to its complete lameness.

What’s my point?

This transition in my thoughts towards playoff baseball is a sign that the Mets have become irrelevant once again. Unfortunately, as a life long fan, it is a fact that I have experienced during the vast majority of my fandom.

I imagine this is a realization that many fellow Metropolitan (Midwestropolitans or not) fans have had. Don’t believe me? Go back and check the attendance numbers this year. I’m pretty sure ownership has noticed.

The solution?

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