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Are the Mets really doomed? Believe it or not, there is a realistic chance the Mets can make the playoffs, even if the Braves series doesn’t turn out well. Heck, even if the week as a whole doesn’t turn out well. After taking a look at the Mets’ schedule, it’s not so unrealistic. 

Starting Tuesday, the Mets have 56 games remaining in the season. Of those 56 games, nine are against the Braves and 12 are against the Phillies. Of the remaining 35 games, 27 are against teams that are well under .500: seven against each the Astros and the Pirates, six against the Nationals, four against the Brewers, and three against the Cubs.  

Just for the sake of completeness, the remaining eight games include five against the Marlins and three against the Rockies. You can plainly see, that even if this week doesn’t turn out well, there still is hope for the Mets.

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