Longtime Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels is suspended indefinitely for betting on baseball, and he is under investigation by the NYPD and the Queens District Attorney.

This is so Met-like. How could anyone be surprised? At this point, Mets fans have become numb to this stuff. It never ends.

At some point, the Wilpons have to be tired of this. There is nothing worse than having incidents tainting this organization. This has gone on too long.

One hopes the hiring of Sandy Alderson will change things. What this team needed was a baseball man that was going to clean the stench of this organization from on the field to off the field. They haven’t had that guy since Frank Cashen left.

Look for Alderson to get rid of those employees who have served the organization for years. It’s time. This team needs a fresh start from the bottom.

This team is better off with new faces for the sake of change. Any time an organization can hold on to guys from the past, it’s not a good thing.

It’s a reminder of how bad things were, and this is not what the franchise needs. What they need is new blood that can help people forget what took place forever.

Is it fair to see longtime baseball people lose their jobs especially in this economy? No, but when is sports fair? What have these guys done to stay on?

Changing people would mean a new sheriff is in town. It means the new guy is not kidding around.

Considering how Wilpon’s employees have been known to get in trouble, what have they done to deserve the benefit of the doubt? Also, what success did they had for all these years?

It just seems this team has had incidents one way or another from Wilpon’s employees.

Who can forget Steve Phillips and Bobby Valentine taking shots at each other in the media?

How about when Mets managers feud with the media going back to the Jeff Torborg days?

How about when Kirk Ramdonski sold steroids to players?

There was Tony Bernazard losing his temper by taking his clothes off and going after players.

Don’t forget team doctors botching up the medical report of the players.

Players such as Oliver Perez, Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo have become more of a bad influence with their nonchalant attitude.

It just goes on and on and on. It’s not a coincidence anymore these incidents correlate to losing. This is what happens when teams hire bad people.

It’s just so tiring to read this type of stuff. It’s getting old when folks laugh at the expense of the Mets. Sports organizations should be fan friendly. That means being a franchise that folks can be proud of.

This is an organization where people should want to play for. It should be representing everything that is good.

Heavens know the Wilpons have done their best in getting this organization to be controversy-free, but it still follows them.

This is why hiring a no-nonsense executive was a must. An organization needed a baseball man not only build a team, but he wanted to run an organization in a professional manner.

The great organizations don’t get involved this type of stuff. When was the last time the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Rangers, Braves, Giants or Phillies were involved in incidents? It’s too far to remember.

This is the task Alderson is being paid to do.

Getting rid of Perez, Castillo and Beltran is a start. Beltran has some value to an American League team. He can be a good DH for a team that needs one, and the Rangers or the Angels could use one now that they need one.

Perez has to go. He does not want to be here. He enjoyed doing nothing all year while he was getting paid. He refused to go to the minors knowing full well he was no longer needed.

Castillo is another guy that can go. Why keep a guy who will do nothing?

The Wilpons don’t want to pay the two of them to sit at home, but that’s on Alderson to tell Wilpons those two guys are no longer needed. The two of them would cause more harm than good by continuing to stay.

The last thing Alderson needs is his program being undermined by three guys who don’t want to be here.

Samuels needs to go. You don’t want a guy who is involved in controversy. Betting on baseball is a no-no period, and who knows what else he has done

It may be time to get rid of all of Minaya’s scouts and staff members. Those guys brought bad people to the organization, not to mention bringing guys that have done nothing in the organization.

For all of this stain to go out, these are the things Alderson must do.

The one is on the Wilpons to let him do his job and stay out of the way.

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