To no surprise, Sandy Alderson has officially been named the new general manager for the New York Mets. Throughout the whole search, Alderson seemed to be the front runner for the job. The Mets and Alderson have agreed to a four year deal, with a club option for 2015. 

Alderson is now at the helm of running the team, and Mets fans are very excited to begin this new era. Alderson has loads of baseball knowledge and is a poised man who will do whatever he can to follow and execute his plan.

Alderson has made it clear that he expects the Mets to be contenders as early as this upcoming season. In his interview today, he said that the Mets are in the middle of the pack and they simply should not be. Alderson believes that in New York, each team should be one of the best in their respective leagues. 

Alderson understands that there are high demands in New York. He understands that the fans want a great and exciting team. He seems poised to turn this team around, and he is ready to take on the challenge.

His first big choice will be to sign a manager. As of now, there are many candidates for the Mets’ manager job. Alderson has dismissed the idea that he wants a manager who will reflect him and follow his directions. He made it clear that he believes that a rowdy and fiery manager would be a great fit for the team. It should be interesting to see who ends up getting the job.

Concerning the Mets’ roster, Sandy believes that, if healthy, the 2011 Mets are capable of being serious contenders. If Bay and Beltran had more at bats, the 2010 season could have been a lot different. 

With that said, Alderson is still going to try his hardest in the free agent market. He is looking for more payroll flexibility and he knows as well as you and I that payroll flexibility will be hard to come by, but he is going to try his best. He is going to try to get it as high as possible and I believe that he will be dedicated to doing that.

The Mets’ off season has just begun, but the fans are extremely excited to see it unfold. Alderson is going to make this off season very interesting and Mets fans have a renewed optimism. I’m expecting him to transform this team into an iconic team, and make them successful. 

Alderson wants to make the Mets an iconic franchise and that’s what he should be aiming for. He also cares a lot about us, the fans. He wants the fans to be happy to be Mets fans, and have a great amount of pride for their team. A new era is beginning in New York, and Mets fans are just as excited as Sandy Alderson to see this team be great once again.

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