To capture the psyche of today’s Met fan, perhaps no one sums it up better than Green Day:

“Wake me up when September ends.”

Though on second thought, an extension on my hibernation through October would be nice. It’s sickening enough to be subjected to a two horse race in the division featuring the two respective teams that have owned the Mets over the years. But worse, the thought of another Phillies/Yankees World Series might induce vomittake that comment however you want.

But it’s not all bad, right? The leaves turn and we can now focus on which first round fantasy pick we’re going to make (Aaron Rodgers for this here guy).

But, at the end of the day, and I’ll be frank, we (Mets Gazette) want you to come back and visit us again. So it’s nice to come up with something encouraging to talk about every now and then, no?

I’ll give it a shot.

Lucas Duda and Jenrry Mejia have been called up and Jeff Francoeur won’t be able to swing at any more pitches two feet out of the strike zone as a member of the Mets. At least for a while, because surely they’ll trade for him down the line.

Oh cynicismerr…addressing reality? Now that I’m through with optimism, let me revert to my pessimistic self to join the rest of the Mets blogging world in pointing out a fundamental flaw of the Mets.

Today’s special? The Mets business strategy.

In short, Jeff Wilpon is the Paris Hilton of baseball.

For those out of the loop with regards to pop culture phenomenons embarrassments, Paris Hilton and Jeff Wilpon are similar in that they can both be summed up in one dirty word:

No, not that one…”nepotism” is the word I refer to.

Enabled and unqualified, Mr. Wilpon is as ideal a choice to run a baseball franchise as Michael Vick is to star in Lassie.

Sub-sophomoric? Juvenile? Sure thing, but it’s true.

Sadly, you can’t blame him because he got it from his fathereverything that is. From the franchise, to words of encouragement to sheer craziness. Fred, after all, is the guy who took weeks and weeks to realize that firing a man in the dead of night after a cross-country road trip was a bad idea.

What an epiphany. Hence, the point is, what did you expect from Jeff?

Well, here are a few choice highlights:


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