The Chicago Cubs‘ future is bright, but spring training has produced mixed results in 2014. They have seen performances they didn’t expect on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some players have been better than expected, while others have flopped and lowered expectations. 

Realistically, the Cubs will hope to be competing for a playoff spot in 2015, and some flashes they’ve seen from certain players this season have given them no reason to second-guess that timetable. However, a few performances by other players must have them worried about how quickly they hope to be competing. 

In the end, it’s only spring training, and the results should be taken with a grain of salt, but results can be indicative of underlying issues with players. Additionally, spring training is everyone’s first chance to see players play who they wouldn’t normally see. Naturally, people will race to judgment on guys who aren’t performing well right away. This list of disappointing players isn’t aimed at saying they will all fail in the big leagues. It is only to say that they have to pick up their performance if they want to make an impact anytime soon.

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