Jayson Werth had the opportunity to get any type of deal from any team he desired. The Boston Red Sox were high on Werth’s case for most of the winter and lost out..to the Washington Nationals?!?  The Philadelphia Phillies, the organization that he used as a launching pad to this 2010 Free Agency Period, were even fooled by the “lowly” Nats.

This five-tool rightfielder didn’t have teams “knocking down the door” due to a high price tag, but his skills are an upgrade for just about any team.  The Nationals, who just lost “hit or miss” slugger Adam Dunn, needed to shore up their outfield and did so earlier this afternoon.

Now, with several other young pieces in place, the Nats may possibly break an even .500 in 2011.  Anything is an upgrade at this point though.  With the core young talent intact and getting ready down in the farm, the Nats could have the talent to start scaring off some NL East foes within the next few seasons.  Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg among others are helping change the face of the Nats. With Werth thrown into the mix, the Nats are a team “Werth” looking at for a change.

Their rise to respectability wasn’t rapid, but now is paying off, even if they’re paying Werth $18 million a year to make it happen.  Well, one thing’s for sure, the Nats-Phils rivalry has just erupted and should be a major storyline to follow for years to come.  

In this shocking turn of events, Werth will be wearing red and white again.  Not the same Phillie red/white pinstripes he wore for the past few years, but awfully close to the City of Brotherly Love.  Now residing in our nation’s capital, Werth looks to become the “next big thing” in Washington.  

This all relates back to this question at the top that seemingly has an elusive answer. Why in the “BLUE HELL” would Jayson Werth commit his next seven seasons to the Washington Nationals and vice versa?  For the betterment of the NL East landscape, Werth at least made things a lot more interesting.  

Many have already asked the question: Does Jayson Werth want to win, if so, why would he sign with the Nationals?  Well, there’s a yes/no duel nature answer to that particular question.  On one hand, he and the Nats will win, IN TIME.  Opposite of that thought, it appears as if the “dog days” are not over in Washington, D.C. 

I’m sure that Werth obviously wants to win, but all signs point back to the fact he could’ve gotten the same money with a proven winner.  This move was shocking to many, myself included, as the Nats were never a player in the Werth Sweepstakes—not to our knowledge at least.  

On the Phillies’ end, the future now turns to 23-year-young Domonic Brown.  His development will be key in 2011 as the Phillies will find out what he’s truly made of. Something tells me that Ruben Amaro Jr.’s being quiet to date is quite interesting.  RAJ surely has a plan up his sleeve. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

As for now though, shame on you Jayson Werth.  Not only did you turn away from the franchise that helped transform you into this star, but you left for a divisional rival.  This my friend is a no-no.  I really hope I get to both Philadelphia and Washington to see you this year, just to boo you each time you come to the plate or out onto the field.  You served Philadelphia well and we have no regrets but this one truly hurts.   

All comes back to center though, why on earth would Jayson Werth accept an offer from this team. The questioning of his wanting to win comes into play here as well. Does he really want to win, if so, why would he sign with the “lowly” Nats?

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