The 2011 MLB season is barely a week old and trade rumors, needs and possibilities are already swirling around many teams. One thing is certain though, only eight of the league’s 30 teams will make the playoffs, leaving plenty of sellers in the market.

Anyone who knows baseball will tell you that starting pitchers start games, batters put teams in position to win games but the bullpen finishes games and makes wins possible.

Most relief pitchers will pitch less than 60—in many cases even less than 40—innings in a season but they are integral parts of any team. They may not get the call often, but when they do they need to be ready to deliver, make great pitches and shut batters down.

Because of how clutch they need to be in pressure situations, relief pitchers will be one position many contending teams will be looking to address down the stretch.

While none of the teams each of these 11 players currently play for are out of the hunt, each of them play for a team that either typically struggles, play decent in a strong division or is struggling to this point.

Here then are the 11 relievers who could make an impact if traded to a Pennant Contender. These are only speculation, not trade rumors, but at Bleacher Report we will keep you aware if any of these speculations become rumors or reality.

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