I have decided to start dishing out MLB rumors as well. There are a lot of them so let’s get started. 

Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada were scratched from their Triple-A lineup. It seems the Mets are working on a deal that may send them to Seattle.

I wonder for whom? Cliff Lee is the only true rental player they had. Of course there is also Brandon League as playoff teams often need relievers at this time.

Also in regards to Martinez and Tejada neither of them have been placed on waivers so a deal is not imminent. 

The Marlins like most teams are having a hard time negotiating with their first round pick. Expect it to go right up to the August 16th deadline, but they should get a deal done as the Marlins need all the prospects they can get.

Bryce Harper is also making the Washington Nationals think as he is of course playing hardball with them in contracts.

Or is he? Sometimes the agent has a lot more say than the player and this can make a player miss out on some money like second round pick Jake Eliopoulos.

The Yankees and Blue Jays discussed a trade that would have sent Jose Bautista to the Yankees for Joba Chamberlain and Brett Gardener.

My guess is this is what the Blue Jays asked for as getting a reliever like Chamberlain (who can probably close) and Gardener who is under team control and is a solid outfielder for Jose Bautista who is having a breakout season seems to be an offer Anthopoulos cannot turn down. Not to mention both Gardener and Chamberlain are under salary control for the next several years.

The Boston Red Sox want a left handed first baseman. So they worked out Carlos Delgado in Yankee Stadium.

This is interesting as he is old, and has shown signs that he cannot do that well anymore. Furthermore, by working him out in Yankee Stadium the Yankees can see how he did.

Zack Greinke suggested that the Royals will not compete when his contract expires. He is not asking for a trade but I think he is fishing for one. This is just awful as he has only one great season under him, he’s not Halladay!

There are a lot of teams interested in Carl Crawford. I just don’t see the Rays trading him as they have a shot at the title and are not sellers. So all these teams will be disappointed.

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