Earlier in the week, Mike Morse‘s name was added to the trading block.

The New York Yankees are one of about six or seven teams that have been confirmed to have interest in the Washington Nationals hitter.

Morse’s name immediately went on the block after the Nationals made two significant moves this winter—trading for Denard Span and re-signing Adam LaRoche.

By adding Span, Washington’s outfield became overcrowded with Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth and Span.

And by re-signing LaRoche, it knocked Morse out of a spot as well, which made him trade bait.

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the Nationals are not ready to talk a trade yet. However, they are expected to talk with the Yankees regarding Morse.

I know that might seem like something to get excited over, but all that is saying is Nationals GM Mike Rizzo is willing to listen on an offer from the Yankees.

With a talented hitter like Morse, there is still the another six or seven teams who have interest in the 30-year-old, like the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays.

However, it does confirm that the Yankees are in full pursuit of a trade for Morse and will look to acquire him for 2013.

The Yankees are still looking for a right-handed bat that can potentially be a fourth outfielder and a part-time DH, which is what Morse be.

Morse would also fit into the Yankees budget with his salary at $6.75 million for 2013 and then he’ll be a free agent after the season.

In the original story on this site regarding the Yankees interest for Morse, it seemed like there was a lot of support in regards to the Yankees going after Morse.

As long as Rizzo isn’t looking for a farm-gutting return in a deal for Morse, I could see a deal being worked out with him and Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

But, will another team offer something better to the Nationals that trumps a Yankee offer?

Guess we’ll all find out soon enough once the Nationals start engaging in trade talks for Morse.

Stay tuned Yankees Universe.

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