Generally, when some of a team’s best prospects are having a good spring, the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t whether or not they’ve improved their trade value—but that’s one of the greatest things about baseball.

After you get past watching your favorite team don their spring uniforms for the first time, and later on in the spring, have a general idea of what the team will look like when it takes the field on Opening Day, some of the spring’s most impressive players will have found new homes with minor league affiliates, the most notable of which are the team’s promising young talents.

Despite tearing the cover off of the ball or throwing scoreless inning after scoreless inning, the team isn’t ready to promote your favorite prospect. Their performances haven’t gone unnoticed, however.

Scouts have been following your team all spring long, watching some of most promising young arms and slick defenders, lights-out relievers and thunderous bats in case your team comes calling later on in the season when a prospect just won’t cut it, and in order to add that timely veteran, you’ll have to part with some promising young talent.

So with that in mind, which prospects’ hot spring start will make them hotter commodities on the trade market in the near future?

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