Amid intensifying trade negotiations for Florida Marlin Jorge Cantu, the Texas Rangers have reportedly lost interest in Boston third baseman Mike Lowell, according to Gordon Edes of

Texas’ fluctuating interest in Boston’s oft-injured backup third baseman has been well documented, and this writer most recently covered it in another article primarily dealing with Detroit’s reported interest in Lowell.

Poised to acquire the far younger and more productive Cantu, the Rangers have understandably cooled on acquiring the waning Lowell.

Edes also reports that the Detroit Tigers, the most recent front-runners for Lowell’s dubious services, are unlikely to make a move for the 36-year-old.

Although Detroit has hemorrhaged hitters in recent days, losing outfielder Magglio Ordonez and infielders Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen, they seem less than interested in taking on any portion of the roughly $4.2 million remaining on Lowell’s contract.

Apparently Tigers scouting director David Chadd personally checked in on Lowell over the weekend during his rehab assignment with the Pawtucket Red Sox, but the former Red Sox scout’s reports haven’t pushed Detroit into negotiations for Lowell.

Indeed, according to Edes’ Major League source, the Tigers will not be pursuing Lowell en route to the 2010 trade deadline. That said, Lowell should easily clear waivers in August, and the Sox should enjoy another chance to move him beyond July 31st.

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