Some big chips have already fallen with Major League Baseball’s trade deadline just days away, but several more high-profile players could be on the move. There are no guarantees as teams seem to change course at the drop of a hat around deadline time, but there are plenty of solid players to be had via trade.

The next few days will be huge in determining how active teams are at the deadline as they will have to decide whether they want to push for a playoff spot or sell their assets. Since qualifying for the postseason is obviously the main priority for every team, expect organizations that are close to go for the gusto.

Here is the latest pre-deadline chatter surrounding Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau, Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Michael Young and more as the MLB‘s trading frenzy continues.


Justin Morneau

Morneau is nowhere near the form that allowed him to win the AL MVP Award back in 2006, but he is a steady producer who could be a big help to a contending team. The Twins are obviously going nowhere fast, and with the 32-year-old Canadian set to become a free agent during the offseason, they would be wise to get what they can for him. According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Pittsburgh Pirates are a team that could very well bring in Morneau in hopes of generating an offensive spark.

The Bucs are unquestionably the feel-good story of the season as they are in ideal position to make a run to the playoffs, but there is some question about whether or not they are built to win once they get there. Aside from Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez, Pittsburgh isn’t exactly stacked with top-flight hitters. Although Morneau isn’t exactly elite anymore in his own right, he has led the way for playoff teams in the past, and he would provide a much-needed lefty bat in the middle of the Pirates’ order.

Morneau’s numbers this season certainly aren’t eye-popping as he is hitting .269 with seven homers and 52 RBI, but he doesn’t exactly have much protection in the Twins’ order. Potentially staggered in with McCutchen and Alvarez in the Pirates’ lineup, he would be a far more dangerous threat. The Pirates generally don’t like to take on a lot of salary, so Morneau would be a logical fit as he can help them this year and come off the books next year.


Michael Young

After 13 productive seasons with Texas Rangers, Michael Young was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies this season. While Young isn’t the same player who made seven All-Star Games and had 200 or more hits in a season on six occasions, he is still quite productive and valuable. No team understands that more than the Rangers, which could be why there is some internal interest in bringing Young back into the fold, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

While Heyman maintains that the Rangers’ top priority is a right-handed hitting outfielder, a Young return remains possible. Young obviously wouldn’t play much third base in Texas with Adrian Beltre on the team, but his versatility could come in handy. Mitch Moreland’s play has dropped off a bit over at first base, so Young could play some games there. Also, with Lance Berkman possibly out for the rest of the season, Young could DH fairly regularly. There is a great deal of familiarity, and there is no question that it would be a great fit.

Even though Young isn’t having a monster year at .278 with seven home runs and 31 RBI, there is little doubt that a return to Texas would energize him. Also, he wouldn’t have much offensive burden on his shoulders with guys like Beltre, Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz carrying the load. Young shouldn’t be too pricey since his contract expires at the end of the year, which means that the Rangers should be in the running as the deadline inches closer.


Luke Gregerson

Almost every team in the league seems to be looking for bullpen help right now, so the San Diego Padres are in a great position. This season has been a difficult one for the Padres, but there is little doubt that the strength of their team resides in the pen. According to Heyman, the player who appears to be garnering the most interest is set-up man Luke Gregerson.

Gregerson has been among the best late-inning arms in the game for the past few seasons, so it should come as no surprise that teams are lining up to get him. Gregerson‘s stats this year aren’t quite as impressive as they were last year, but he has gotten a bit unlucky. His 1.04 WHIP is actually his best since 2010, but his ERA this year is 2.98, whereas it was 2.39 last season.  Even so, Gregerson would be a huge help to pretty much any team. He is a true set-up man, and there are a number of squads that would benefit from adding a player of Gregerson‘s ilk.

The first one that comes to mind is the Detroit Tigers. It can be argued that the Tigers have the best lineup and starting pitching combination in baseball, but their bullpen leaves much to be desire. Joaquin Benoit has done a nice job as closer since taking over, but he doesn’t have a ton of support. Gregerson would immediately be Detroit’s primary right-handed set-up man with Drew Smyly handling things from the left side. Regardless of where he ends up, Gregerson will have an impact on the playoff race, provided that San Diego deals him.


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