There have been many names connected to the Yankees so far this season, but the only word we’ve gotten from general manager Brian Cashman is that they aren’t close to any deals.

The reason they haven’t gotten close to a deal is because teams are just asking for too much for their players. So Cashman appears to be lowering his expectations in this seller’s market. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports , the Yankees have an interest in the Indians shortstop Jhonny Peralta as a bench option.

What I mean by saying Cashman has lowered his expectations is because it appears that his first preferences, Adam Dunn , Ty Wigginton , and Cody Ross , all have exorbitant price tags attached to them. Because none of these players figure into the Yankees’ long-term options, the prices just don’t make sense.

This brings us to Peralta.

Peralta, 28, is a shortstop who can also play third base. So, he fulfills their need for a veteran infielder who can occasionally replace Alex Rodriguez at third base. The problem is that Peralta isn’t much of a hitter—he’s got a OPS-plus of 100 for his career, and he’s really not that impressive of a fielder as well.

So the Yankees would be going after Peralta as a slight upgrade, at least offensively, over Ramiro Pena . Obviously, he’s not as good as Wigginton, but they won’t have to give up a strong prospect to get him either.

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