Raise your hand if your team has been hit by the injured closer epidemic spreading like wildfire around Major League Baseball this season.

Most of you should have your hands up, for what it’s worth.

That’s why teams willing to sell at the trade deadline this year might be able to acquire premium returns for their closers. One such team might be the Houston Astros, and one such player could be Brett Myers.

General manager Jeff Luhnow had the following to say to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports:

“I think late this summer there will be demand for some of our players,” Luhnow said. “We’ll have those conversations. But right now, we’re not actively pushing anything.”

“Our veteran players are contributing. Wandy is pitching like a No. 1. Myers is pitching like an elite closer. Carlos has played a good first base. Lyon has been solid in the bullpen. We need those guys right now. I’m not in any rush to have any conversations about our veteran players.”

Surely, there will be a market for Myers. Think of the teams that have already seen injuries to their closers.

The San Francisco Giants have lost Brian Wilson for the year. Ditto for the New York Yankees and Mariano Rivera, though at least they have David Robertson to fill in.

The Washington Nationals are without Drew Storen and Brad Lidge. Huston Street is injured for the San Diego Padres. Kyle Farnsworth hasn’t yet pitched this season for the Tampa Bay Rays. Andrew Bailey will miss half of the year for the Boston Red Sox. Sergio Santos of the Toronto Blue Jays is still out.

Before the season even began, the Cincinnati Reds lost Ryan Madson and the Kansas City Royals lost Joakim Soria to Tommy John surgery.

And let’s not forget about the disappointing seasons of Heath Bell (Miami Marlins), Carlos Marmol (Chicago Cubs), Jordan Walden (Los Angeles Angels) and Javy Guerra (Los Angeles Dodgers).

Starting to see how appealing Brett Meyers could look for a contender as we get deeper into the summer?

I don’t ever recall a season with this much closer turmoil, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Luhnow put it out there that he would listen to offers as the trade deadline approaches. He knows darn well there will be a market for late-inning arms soon enough.


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