The Yankees farm system has produced some big-time prospects as of late.

Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain and Jesus Montero are just a few home-grown talents that have or are ready to make a splash at the big leagues.

But not all of the blue-chip prospects the Yankees have in their arsenal break into the bigs wearing pinstripes.

Austin Jackson was part of the Curtis Granderson deal and debuted with the Detroit Tigers.

Ian Kennedy showed flashes of brilliance during his limited time in the majors with the Yankees, but he was dealt to the Arizona Diamondbacks which was also a part of the Granderson deal. 

Some players are looked at as untouchable, but others can be moved. If the right deal is put on the table, sometimes it is just too hard to say no, regardless of the potential an unproven player might have.

It is just a chance that any general manager has to take.

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